Monday, September 14, 2009

The Best Party Ever!

First Beth came, She is one of my best friends,

Then Kayleigh got here, we were having a excellent time so far playing "Sing It" and "Sing Star".

After that, Grace, Madeleline and Amy arrived with their presents.

Wow what a big surprise! all those presents stacked on top of each-other add up to a lot!

After that, every one had some time to play sing star, eat party food and watch me open my presents before we went to the movies in a "Maxi Taxi"!!

Now I will list SOME of the presents I got, From Grace I got a "All About Me" Diary and some stationery.

From Madeleine, I got a very cute coffee mug with a picture of
a chihuahua wearing a pink pearl necklace and a Gift card with
$30 on it!

And From Beth, I got a Lenticular 3D Penguin Puzzle with 500 pieces
and it is 483mm X 356mm wide!!!!!

Then after opening all the presents we went out the
front and spotted a maxi taxi!

And we figured that because no one else was going
out their front gate and getting into it, It was our ride to
the movies

When we arrived out the front of the cinemas everybody stampeded into the theatre
to only wait an hour till we could watch the movie "UP"

So we ammused our selfs playing the computer games that were there while Geogia, Margot and I were waiting for a mars bar to be pushed out of a game machine!

Then it was time for us to go into the movies, I can't tell you anymore or else I will spoil the
movie for you.

After the movie, we went home and had my delicious profiterole cake. Then we got ready for bed and brushed our teeth. When we were all snuggled up in our sleeping bags, we put on my new movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

(Home made profiterole cake with Pashmak (fairy floss) and mini Rose buds.)

We didnt get to sleep straight away, because everyone was talking. Mum had to come and tell us to be quiet a few times, and we eventually fell asleep at 12:30.

The next morning I yelled at everyone "wake up sleepy heads" and not many woke up. Kayleigh and Georgia were the last to wake up. We told Freaky storys in our sleeping bags for a little while until breakfast was ready on the deck.

We had delicious fruit and Vaalia yogurt to start, and then delicious bacon and egg muffins. Made by my Dad on the BBQ. He used to work for McDonalds many years ago, so they were delicious!

After breakfast we played on Sing Star and jumped on the trampoline until it was time for everyone to go.

My birthday party was awesome!

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